Ghost is a rival of the Four Pups. He first appeared in "A shopping we will go!" Where when Carlotta went shopping with Gold, Guldei, Goldette and Spot, he followed the 4 pups. He was incogito, as he was invisible at the time, he had a blue shirt on, baggy jeans, and a hat. He face was not seen until the end of the episode, putting horror on all all the Pups faces.


Ever since his face was found out, he has been a recurring character. He appeared in "A shopping we will go!" And then appeared in "Jade of Semetry" Where he tried to resurrect a monster with the Jade. It worked, but that monster is not sen until the episode after it. He then appeared in "Rivarly is not dead!" He seeked revenge after learning his monster has been destroyed. In this appearence, he had a club, a skull hat on top, and a black belt on his forehead.



Ghost's artwork from Rivalry is not Dead!