Episode Name Mystery(steries)/Monster(s) Production order
Collar Comrades Green Eyed Monster 1
Curses and Bliss Shrouder Heart 2
The night of The Cursed Bone Haunted Bone 3
Foxed In Red eyed Pack of Foxes 4
When the Owl Hoots Black Magic Owl 5
Duck, Goose, Chicken! Chicken Monster 6
My, what big teeth you have! Vampire Wolf 7
A shopping we will go! Invisible Kid/ Ghost 8
Movie Night Frite! Bed Monster 9
Street Showdown Ally Orc 10
Jade of Semetry Ghost 11
Root of Evil Spider-Tree 12
The bad Luck Spot! Reason for Bad luck 13
Beach Preach Seagull Cyborg 14
Witch-Cat Cat-Witch 15
Look what the girl brought home! Hamster 16
Rivarly is not dead! Ghost 17
Who you calling Warthog, Frog? WartHog-Frog 18
Venus Plants! Carnavorius Plnats from Venus 19
Dim Shadows Veinien 20
The Incinerator! The Incinerator 21
The not so amazing SpiderDog SpiderDog 22
The Terror of the Twilight The Monster 23
The Monster Returns..... Hamster 24
Ghost, Give it up! Ghost 25
Calls from a Forbidden area Green Eyed Monster 26