Episode name Monster/Mystery Production Order
Tiny Green Man Troll 27
A Sea Scorpion! Arabi 28
Head-Lock with a hand! Faerim 29
A Stalker from the Shadows Creeper 30
Stoned Winged Man Gorgoyle 31
Moisturised Plot Synthasith 32
Deep Down Discovery Kangroo 33
Land-A-Pus! Swqid 34
Trouble with A Feral Cat Were Cat 35
Alien from Below Depth Depth Alien 36
A Robotic Pooch takes all Robomutt 37
Too Hot to Handle! Phonix 38
A little Traveling Visitor Seeker 39
Silver! We need Silver! WereWolve 40
A Beckoned Cry The Beckerer 41
Bellows from Below Celler Caller 42
He comes back after a while Ghost 43
A Parasitical Problem Leech Trio 44
Sheep the stacks, hurry! Savage Ram 45
Howls in the wind Green-Eyed Monster 46
Twisted Time Cuckoo-Demon 47
Dragon's Den of no return Dragon 48
Worship, ha! Warship! Skeleton Captain 49
Reflections reflect Mirror Spirit 50
Every pup's nightmare Lord Cat 51
Carlotta Desires Possessor 52